Main Gallery:

Spun Spectra | Nicolas Teichrob

The natural optical phenomena of the rainbow spectra produced through refraction and diffraction of light by spider webs – whose woven structures, consisting of many different types of strands and strand coatings, are stunningly beautiful.  At once unique yet consistently variable, the spectra of webs have likely hit everybody’s eyes from afar but subconsciously been pushed to the periphery of our observations.  The fine details of colours wait for a participating observer to take a closer look and bring them to the forefront. (Photography.)

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Eve Smart Gallery:

Methinks I Should Know You | Jennifer Love

An exhibition of abstract textile paintings prompted by the death of a fellow artist from the complications of Alzheimer’s.  This exhibit was to honour her, and her struggle with this cruel disease.  It encouraged a dialogue around how memories and their gradual disappearance impact on one’s concept of self.  It became connected with how one perceives and connects with someone who is gradually losing her memory.  In the final analysis, it is a meditation on issues of memory and selfhood, illness and recovery.           (Textiles.)

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