Opening reception: Saturday January 18, 2pm-4pm

Main Gallery

'Ghosts of Graffiti' (mixed media) by Beau Smith and Gerald Shaffer

"Not all graffiti is art, to be sure, but on the other hand some of our most famous artists got their start on walls. wouldn't you want to see some of their early works? Well, it's gone. Painted over within weeks, days or even maybe hours . Most graffiti, even the exceptional pieces, are lost so quickly. This is a showcase of new life sized photographs of Gibsons now famous graffiti scene, each canvas an explosion of abstract and historical colour from decades-long graffiti images that have come and gone. Their remains become the focus of our show." Gerald Shaffer
Anonymous, spray paint/unknown
Anonymous, spray paint/unknown

Eve Smart Gallery

"‘City-Seen' is an unheralded look at development. I consider this work to be an important piece that contributes to the ongoing debate on the subject of real estate development, considerations of what was once and is now new, the rapidly changing landscape, affordability and social consequences of housing displacement. The subject is still as relevant today as when I conceived the series in 2006." Stanley Mishkin
City Scene' by Stanley Mishkin (oil on wood)
City Scene' by Stanley Mishkin (oil on wood)

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