Personal Myths | Duncan Chrystal

“I discovered my primary creative voice through my work on a series of creations that some early reviewers called Soul Paintings. The series began by using watercolour paint on paper, creating a coloured field background. As I painted, faces and figures emerged and were then “freed.” The results have been described as ethereal, otherworldly and haunting.”    (Mixed media.)

In the Sticks | Larry Popowich

“I started by wrapping and binding the detritus of the built environment as it was found merged with the seashore.  I started to feel that the dis-usables of my ‘life’, the objects and parts of objects that are not useful and not quite garbage, found a place in these armatures of accumulation.  Dolls, often sold as parts, hover in this world between fetish and the ethnological object.  They are re-claimed property and, re-integrated into the objects that I’ve made, they seem to emerge as masks or talking sticks.”                 (Found objects.)

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