‘Waterworks’ (photography)

Close-up reflections of the water’s surface, taken with a telephoto lens, that bring out motifs we mostly overlook when we focus on the bigger picture. View Exhibition

‘A Tangled Web’ (acrylics)

The bog in Smuggler Cove, which wasn’t there 20 years ago and may not be there 20 years from now, is a dynamic and complex environment that holds much beauty. Seeing and celebrating small [...]


The rabble of human voices and the messages of the objects around us, speaking about the changes we are undergoing in our communities and landscapes. View exhibition here

The Smoking Room

A temporary immersive installation created by artist Gordon Halloran Monday, March 11th: timed entry from 6:30 PM, admission free. Gibsons Public Art Gallery announces a pop-up exhibit for one [...]

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